Invest in their future


At present, the presence of information and communication technology (ICT) is essential in the activities of daily life. In the school of a modern society is acquiring a transcendental and unquestionable presence that is changing the ways of learning and transmitting knowledge.

The best prepared school will be one that has self-sufficient classrooms, that is, classrooms where the necessary technological resources are located to enable students to access the information and communication provided by the network and the multimedia presentation systems available in these time.

Computing, Internet, video, television, and the media for auditions and projections are needs that both students and teachers must have at their fingertips at all times. Increasingly most of the activities that they are done at school they need to use these technologies.

General objectives


To enable the students of the classroom the best possible quality in the presentation of information.


Access from the classroom to the information and communication capacity that the internet provides us.


Habituar to the profesorado and alumnado to the daily use of the new means of education and learning.


Have the necessary infrastructure to get a computerized school.